Monday, June 8, 2009

The MicroEyes DVR BallCam (ball cam) from

The MicroEyes DVR BallCam is the world’s first DVR in a shape of a ball. Inside this Ping Pong size ball is a motion activated camera and DVR it captures images at 30 FPS at 320x240 resolutions. Comes with 128mb internal memory and supports up to a 2gig micro sd card. It can be used in various applications such as vehicle security, sports, personal security or whatever the user can dream up. If you find a lower price just call us and we'll do whatever we can to beat it.


  • Camera: CMOS under 1 Lux, 55 Degrees

  • 128 MB Flash Memory

  • External Micro SD Card

  • Up to 320X240

  • MPEG 4

  • 1 TV output port

  • Continuous Recording 6 hours

  • Recording on Motion Detection 4-24 hours

  • Rechargeable Li-Polymer Battery 3.7V DC 380mA

  • USB Connector/Adaptor 5V DC, 2A

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