Wednesday, December 7, 2011

MHDSecurity Delivers Affordable, Professional Counter Surveillance

Whether you are a professional, a home owner, or a parent, MHDSecurity’s line of SleuthGear Defender products will fit any budget and surveillance need.

Counter Surveillance Made Simple With the new SleuthGear Defender 802 portable detection device, many of the premier features found on the DD801 that professionals demand, are now available to the private and residential consumer.

For DIY oriented applications and individual usage, the DD802 provides many of the same DD801 functions at half the cost. Like the DD801, the DD802 utilizes advanced technology to detect both wireless and wired hidden cameras. It is the simple solution for the parent who wonders if their teenage daughter is being spied on at a nanny job, or a boss who wants to know if his employees are being covertly monitored at a job site.

Try This Before You Hire the Pros. For more comprehensive surveillance the DD801 SleuthGear Defender continues to be the choice for premier portable bug detection. It detects wired and wireless cameras, wireless mics, audio and video transmitter bugs, as well as visual detection of any hidden camera. In addition, the DD801 remains the professional’s choice for protection against the latest advances in phone tapping. The SleuthGear Defender 801 helps corporate secrets remain secret, sensitive financial data stay private and keeps proprietary information classified. It’s the best product to offer your customers when they want to do the professional counter measure sweep themselves.

Reliable Device Always Finds the Hidden Camera

Both Defenders 801 and 802 feature the most reliable method of finding hidden cameras. The bright LEDs arranged around the viewing port will detect light reflected from a video camera lens. This allows a user to scan a room while looking through the viewing port and easily reveal the position of hidden cameras.

Like all of the SleuthGear Line including the Defender, MHDSecurity continues to offer technical support to the end customer for all of the products it sells.

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